• India
  • July 06, 2015

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore


Season 1 Episode 4

Like the protagonist of a road movie, the young Tarapada was restless. To the despair of his mother and villagers, Tarapada repeatedly ran away. But he was curious about the world rather than alienated from it. The blissful nature hailed him with endless bounty. He could hear the mystic melody of the nature. He joined a troupe of acrobats and then wandered on. One day, he caught a boat ride with a village zamindar. His natural virtuousness and spontaneity attracted the zamindar and his wife. His pleasant voice enchanted everyone, except their envious daughter Charusashi. She could not endure Tarapada. The impenetrable feelings of love and hatred, possessiveness and gentle gestures hovered between. Tarapada settled with the Zamindar family in their village and won the villagers heart. Two years later, Charushashi’s unpredictable tantrums casted a bitter sweet spell on Tarapada’s wander lust mind. Love started spreading its shy wings. Zamindar Motibabu fixed Charu’s marriage with Tarapada. The day before the wedding night the monsoon clouds grumbled. The all encompassing smell of the first rain filled the nature. An opera band was sailing across the quiet village. The mellow harmonies stroked the village. Ever restless Tarapada disappeared again leaving all the love, comforts, and belongings behind.

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