• Denmark
  • December 30, 2013

Seaside Hotel

Ane's Secret

Season 5 Episode 2

Wholesaler Madsen is close to completing the purchase of the cheap lumber that Molin has proposed to him. Meanwhile, Molin is desperately trying to hide that he is on the verge of bankruptcy and that the timber does not, as alleged, belong to one of his clients, but rather to himself, bought with the client's money but without his knowledge. At the same time, Molin has to make sure his beautiful wife stays away from actor Weyse. In return, good things happen for Amanda, who gets sold on an idea for a commercial featuring just Weyse. Meanwhile, manufacturer Frigh arranges a croquet tournament, Edith is put face to face with the man she once dreamed of, and Fie's little sister, Ane, demonstrates that secrets are not reserved for hotel guests.

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