• Denmark
  • December 30, 2013

Seaside Hotel

The New Guests

Season 5 Episode 1

It is the summer of 1932 and it has been a year since Morten gave Fie the hotel, but since then she has hardly seen him because he and Madsen are working on a large construction project in Copenhagen. But the regulars have turned up in large numbers. The Madsen family, Mr. Weyse, Mrs. Fjeldsø and her sister, and office manager Aurland with his wife and sons, as well as the Frigh family. Not Mr. Frigh, though. Because the couple is divorced she prefers him to stay away. In the middle of the idyll, the wealthy Copenhagen currency trader August Molin arrives with his Swedish wife, and Weyse is immediately captivated by Mrs. Molin which is a dangerous game because Mr Molin is fiercely jealous. And that's not the only secret Mr Molin is carrying.

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