• April 15, 2017

White Deer Plain



The 77 episodes TV-Series is a 20th century Weihe River 50 years of the magnificent epic, this is a axis of Chinese rural gorgeous colorful, shocking long picture. Special background of the times, a strong Guanzhong style, the land revolution, the war of resistance against Japan, the liberation war, the ancient land, staged scenes of thrilling picture. The drama of Mr. Zhu adhere to the traditional morality, Bai Jiaxuan hard-working and selfish, Luzi Lin looked Jackie Chan, Bai Xiaowen emotional twists and turns, Bai Ling devalued the revolution, the black baby was forced to bandits, deer Zhao Peng pursuit of ideals, deer Zhaohai sacrifice, Interpretation of the two families of different descendants, twists and turns of life and fate fate. The ancient revolution in the throes of the quiver, but the roots of the Chinese nation must be carried in the baptism, change to the old system and the production mode to re- Rewrite, the new China will usher in bright sunshine.

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