• October 06, 2013

The People's Couch

United States of America


"The People's Couch'' invites viewers to watch other people watching TV. The voyeuristic series brings cameras into the living rooms of real people as they watch and react to TV shows and news from the last week. The people who publicly laugh and scream at their TVs include sisters Amanda and Kenya, who sit on an L-shaped couch; friends Blake, Scott and Emerson, who live on the edge with a white couch; sisters Cathy and Destiney, who have a bunch of pillows on their sofa; the Egber family -- dad Andrew, mom Julie and sons Sam and Jack -- whose ``couch'' is actually a bed; and writing partners Julia and Brandy, who are situated on a love seat for platonic friends. The unscripted series is based on U.K. show ``Gogglebox.''

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