• December 03, 1992

North of 60



From Wayne Grigsby and Barabara Samuels comes a big show hit from Canada, North of 60! The show presents us the people that live in a little town Lynx River on the North-West of Canada. Between them there are crossing all kinds of friendships, stories, romaces, hopes, fears and more... The show was shot in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Through years the show became one of the most popular series in canadian history. The show was drawing almost 1 million people per week by their tv's watching this show. Series: aired from December 1992 until December 1997. 90 episodes were aired. The series continued in movies that aired after them! Movies: 5 movies were aired till now write after the series. New movie (Distant Drumming) was filmed on August, 2003, and finally aired on January 30, 2005! EDITOR'S NOTES: The original airdates for North of 60's seasons 1-4 are unknown, so if anyone has any informations about that let me know.

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