• May 17, 2016

The Amazons



Victoriano Santos, owner of the ranch ‘Las Dianas’ and purebred horse breeder, has worked very hard his entire life and today he is the owner of a big emporium of dairy products processing. When he was a poor young man, he met Inés Huerta and they fell in love for good. Ever since then, Inés became his engine, his support, and his unconditional companion... but Loreto Guzmán’s malice separated them in the worst way since he raped Inés and, being pregnant and humiliated, she was compelled to move away.Victoriano ignored that Inés was abused and, believing she was an ungrateful woman, accepted to protect Diana, the wife of Vicente Mendoza, his best friend and owner of ‘Las Dianas’, when he was tragically killed. Vicente’s murder was attributed to Loreto, but Victoriano was a suspect, too.Loreto was sent to prison and Victoriano married Diana. Soon later, Inés returned carrying Emiliano; Diana, who was terminally ill, took her in and left her three daughters under her care: Diana, Casandra, and Constanza. From then on, Inés took care of them like a real mother. Love was still alive between Inés and Victoriano, but too many secrets and misunderstandings stood on the way, so Inés accepted to stay there just as a house keeper. Diana, Casandra, and Constanza, grew up surrounded by love and turned into great amazons. Diana, Victoriano’s pride, is now the cornerstone for the management of Sanlact, the dairy processor company. Diana has serious confrontations with Déborah Piñeiro, her father’s new young wife, because she is convinced Déborah is a climber who is only interested in money. Déborah is determined to replace Diana and put Inés off the ranch since she has noticed Victoriano’s preference for "the maid”.Diana is engaged with Elías Villarroel, but deep inside, she knows she doesn’t love him. Nevertheless, she gets to find true love when she meets Alejandro San Román, a man who was dumped by his wife, Lisete, even th

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