• Türkiye
  • September 19, 2021

Family Secrets


Season 2 Episode 3

In the meticulously prepared operation, Ilgaz sensed that everything was a trap prepared to lure them into the hotel. The fact that the elevator that Ceylin was supposed to ride reached the lobby in an empty state made everyone uneasy that this plot extended to their personal lives. Stumbling between the death of his brother and the weight of the office of the Attorney General, Pars now has to face the consequences of his decisions. While all the information of the people who were killed and thrown into the well slowly came to light, the fact that the only living witness was abducted from the hospital alarmed everyone. As Ilgaz and Eren make greater strides in their suspicious possibilities, surprise testimonies and secrets will appear before them. The fact that Ceylin acts according to her own truth for the sake of finding the truth, infuriating Ilgaz. A series of events awaits the duo, who try to separate work and love according to the promises they made to each other.

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