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  • March 30, 2013

Walking Through History

Frontline Dorset

Season 1 Episode 2

Tony's walk in this episode takes him back to 1940 when Dorset became the unlikely frontline in the war against Hitler. His five-day, 60-mile walk along the Jurassic coast reveals the county's hidden World War II story. Starting by the defences on Chesil Beach (still standing 70 years on), Tony's journey encompasses stunning scenery and amazing acts of ingenuity and bravery as he heads east towards Swanage and Studland Bay. He uncovers the strange part a world-famous swannery played in developing a secret weapon. He hears of the bravery of the man who won the Victoria Cross serving in Portland Harbour when it became one of the first places in Britain to be bombed by the Germans. He reveals the role Dorset had to play in protecting Britain from invasion, and in an emotional climax he meets one of the veterans who survived after landing on Omaha Beach on D Day.

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