• United States of America
  • October 17, 2010

Tower Prep


Season 1 Episode 13

Gabe is sent to West Campus for refusing to reveal his source for Chemica Desin 2.0. His West Campus roommate is a guy named Demetrius, who was hired by Headmaster to protect Gabe from Jeremy and the Rooks. It is revealed to Ian that "3's the charm" meaning their third escape attempt will be successful, but only for three of them. Suki's father arrives to take her back home but she is rescued by Ian. Meanwhile, Headmaster and CJ argue in his office, until Headmaster sends a text to Ian pretending to be CJ. Ian and Suki both arrive to finally learn that CJ is Headmaster's daughter. Ian tells Headmaster he will be leaving the school, no matter what Headmaster does to stop him. The argument escalates into a physical fight, until Ian knocks out Headmaster. Ian, CJ and Suki then go to West Campus to rescue Gabe, just as he is about to be assaulted by The Rooks. The team escapes after crawling through a vent Ian found in an abandoned kitchen. Outside, they meet a woman who turnes out to be a hologram of Whisper 120. She tells them that seven people know the Headmaster is trying to return the school to what it was when Cornelius Tower founded it: Suki, Ian, CJ, Gabe, Headmaster, Cornelius Tower and one more person. Whisper tells the four that they have escaped and that "not many people do".

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