• United States of America
  • November 27, 1989

MTV Unplugged

Stone Temple Pilots

Season 5 Episode 1

Stone Temple Pilots, the hard rock sensation based south of Los Angeles, taped a performance for MTV Unplugged in New York City in November of 1993. Band members Weiland (vocals), Robert DeLeo (bass), Dean DeLeo (guitars) and Eric Kretz (drums) perform a rockin' acoustic set featuring tracks off their debut album Core. An excerpt from the MTV Unplugged book...'Easily our most surreal set....'They had these stools, which is such a typical thing,' says Weiland. 'Everyone always brings out stools to do their acoustic thing. I said, 'Man, I ain't gonna sit on a stool. It's not my gig. It's stupid. Bring us some chairs to sit in. How about a rocking chair?' Set List: Crackerman Creep Andy Warhol (written by David Bowie) Plush Big Empty Sin Wicked Garden Sex Type Thing

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