• United States of America
  • November 27, 1989

MTV Unplugged

Arrested Development

Season 4 Episode 2

One of the hottest and most original bands on the rap music scene, Arrested Development, performs ""unplugged"" yet electrifying in a set of songs off their debut multi platinum album, 3 Years,5 Months and Two Days I The Life Of... The songs are linked together with dance pieces and short stories narrated by Speech, Headliner, and Oje (""O.J.""), Arrested Development's spiritual adviser and group elder. An excerpt from the MTV Unplugged book...""Between songs there were spoken word and dance performances, and at one point, during the group's spiritually charged 'Raining Revolution,' the stage was littered with umbrellas. Arrested Development had always referred to their shows not as concerts but as 'celebrations'; this theatrical performance allowed us finally to understand why."" Set List: Give a Man a Fish The Gettin' Natural Raining Revolution Fishin' 4 Religion Mama's Always on Stage U Mr. Wendel People Everyday Featuring: Arrested Development: Todd ""Speech"" T

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