• United States of America
  • October 06, 2015

LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales

Flight of the Falcon

Season 1 Episode 4

C-3P0 goes on his way find R2-D2 by using the Millennium Falcon and enlisting the aid of Chewbacca. C-3PO recalls the story of The Empire Strikes Back to Chewbacca and Nien Nunb they pick up. Once R2-D2 is found at the old Battle Droid Factory, C-3PO and Chewbacca find that the captor is Lando Calrissian who wanted R2-D2 to mingle with the Droids so that he can restart his mining business on Cloud City after answering an ad by an anonymous person. Unfortunately, it was revealed that the ad was made out by remnants of the Galactic Empire who plan to restart the factory and recreate the Battle Droids.

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